Sunday, February 17, 2013

Simpson's Wee Scot

The Simpsons Wee Scot is one of the more charismatic brushes available to the wet-shaver, but is occasionally overlooked as a novelty. At just under 70mm in height and filled with Best Badger with a 40mm loft (the height of hair protruding from the handle), it is the smallest brush Simpsons make, and probably the smallest brush intended for actual shaving use in production anywhere. Despite the skepticism its size may invite, the Wee Scot is a very capable and serviceable shaving brush. Handmade on the Isle of Man to the same high standard as all of Simpson’s brushes, the Wee Scot has a dense knot and is firm enough to lather solid soaps, yet as a Best Badger grade brush still offers a pleasantly soft lathering experience on the face. The density of the knot also allows the Wee Scot to produce and hold enough lather for multiple passes (with the right technique!). 
The diminutive size of the Wee Scot lends itself to the precise application of lather, useful for “touch-ups” as well as less messy shaves; conservative use of shaving cream or soap, ideal for making the most of samples or travel sized shaving creams; and of course the Wee Scot makes a great travel brush. Many a wet-shaver has purchased a Wee Scot as a travel brush only to discover quite how good it is and include it in their regular rotation. 
One of the older brushes in Simpson’s stable, the Wee Scot has actually slightly increased in size over the years, as well as reverting to a more “classical” style handle, complete with Alexander Simpson’s signature printed on the side. The fact that this is the ONLY Simpson’s brush to bear their founder’s signature may be the greatest endorsement that this brush can receive.
This charming little brush may be a novelty, but it’s no toy.
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