Thursday, March 7, 2013

D.R. Harris

D.R. Harris & Co. were founded in 1790 as a chemists and perfumers, and still perform both roles with as much dedication as ever, now holding two Royal warrants. Although they no longer mix their own drugs in store, D.R. Harris still produces a line of toiletries, including fragrances, skincare, triple-milled soaps and shaving products. All of D.R. Harris’s products are manufactured and packaged in England.
The most popular of Harris’s product lines is probably the Arlington range, fragranced with a subtle citrus and fern and available as in various forms from shaving cream to deodorant.
Also of note are the Almond cream and soap, both of which provide very moisturizing shaves and are highly recommended for beginners. Some people find creams slightly easier to lather and slightly more moisturizing due to a higher glycerin content, but solid soaps contain no preservatives and tend to last longer, and high-end soaps such as those by D.R. Harris will not dry the skin out.