Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Well-Groomed Traveller

With sunny weather finally starting to arrive, now is the time of year when people tend to look ahead to Summer, and in many cases the prospect of travelling. 

For those who like to travel light, or for the "every possibility" packer who wishes to keep their grooming tools close at hand, there are many excellent travel products available from the traditional shaving brands. The older European names in men's grooming have stood the test of time largely because of their reputation for quality and luxury, and the kind of person drawn to such reputations has always tended to travel. Obligingly, the major traditional grooming brands have created many products and accessories ideal for the well-groomed traveler, a tradition the newer brands are also following in. 

Travel shaving brushes, safety razors that disassemble and travel shaving sets have been around for a while, but with restrictions on blades and liquids in airline carry-on, solid shaving soaps are a better choice for travel than ever. Cartridge razors are now allowed on some flights, and with the right accessories and preparation, can provide a good shave even for the Double Edge enthusiast. Dovo/Merkur also offers both a travel DE razor and a travel shave and manicure set in a leather case for those willing to carry hold luggage or buy Double Edge blades at their destination.