Friday, July 5, 2013

Press Release, and a brief blogging hiatus

Over the last few weeks I've been a bit busy, and not posting quite as much as planned. Partly, this is due to our preparing to launch a whole load of eShave products, including a new set featuring several award winning products, which are now up on our website (and you can read about, it with our Press Release here). 

The other reason for the lack of posts, is that I've been getting ready to fly to England for my wedding next weekend! Although wedding planning comes first, while I'm in the UK I'll be keeping an eye open for anything that may interest Kaliandee customers, and hopefully I'll get the chance to visit the London premises of a few of our suppliers. In the meanwhile, I'll be testing out a soon-to-be-released product from Taylor of Old Bond Street, which I'll post a review of soon. 

The webstore is in the capable hands of my business partner while I'm away, so it is merely the blog that may experience a little disruption for the coming month.